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X-RAY Baggage Scanner JH 5030C

The X-RAY Baggage Scanner JH 5030C the bags inspection device, Used in airports, malls, and government departments to inspect bags and detect weapons and Contrabands

X Ray Baggage Scanner 6550

the X-ray 6550 device for the detection of the contents of bags and the search for explosives, weapons, and drugs the device can be used in airports, hotels and train stations in banks

X Ray Scanner JH 10080

The JH-10080 Goods and bags X-ray scanner is used at airports and ports for the detection of metals, weapons, and contraband to reduce the smuggling operations


Walk Through Metal Detector High densitity board made of door frame 33 zone, 200 levels sensitivity 18 application programms can connect network

PD 6500

These Security gates are designed with the best global technologies to meet global security requirements. It is designed to speed up traffic

Super Scanner

The super scanner Hand Metal Detector from Garrett is used in airports, markets, hotels and administrative buildings to detect weapons

Under Vehicle security Scanner JH VS33

The Under Vehicle security Scanner JH VS33 is The latest global inspection equipment, the JH VS33 device is a mobile security device to check the bottom of cars

Under Vehicle Surveillance System JH VS30

Under Vehicle Surveillance System JH VS30 is The vehicle inspection system JHVS30 according to vehicle monitoring system adapted to inspect the lower parts of various types of vehicles

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